Resurfacing Peeling - Lumi-Performance  cosmetic


with AHA fruit acids

Resurfacing Peeling - Lumi-Performance  cosmetic


Resurfacing Peeling

Lumi-Performance perfects the quality of the skin texture. Its melting formula enriched with fruit acids allows a keratolytic exfoliation to remove dead cells, impurities and pollution traces. It favors the assimilation of the skincares applied afterwards, helps to smooth fine lines and to oxygenate the complexion radiance for a brighten and luminous skin.

Tube 50ml

Main components

Damascena Rose water
Soothing, tonifying and stimulating

AHA [From apple and lemon]
Chemical exfoliator

AHA of derived enzymes [from grape wheat]
Enzymatic exfoliator

Sweet almond oil
Softening and fortifying

Beauty tips and frequency of use

Once or twice a week, apply a medium layer on the whole neck and face avoiding the eye contour. Leave on for 5 minutes then rise with clear water.