Balancing Fluid -  Pureté cosmetic

Purity - Balancing fluid

Improving skin purity

Balancing Fluid -  Pureté cosmetic


Balancing Fluid

The Rebalancing Fluid is the ally of combination to oily skins: its so light texture immediately penetrates and becomes imperceptible. The Hamamelis hydrolate with astringent and purifying properties helps to regulate the skin texture. The union between Hyaluronic acid and Damascena Rose water contributes to skin brightening and complexion freshness. The skin is fresh and the complexion purified.

Main components

Damascena Rose water
Soothing, tonifying and stimulating

Hamamelis hydrolat
Astringent and purifying

Salicylic acid
Antibacterial and cleansing

Hyaluronic acid
Plumping and hydrating

Beauty tips and frequency of use

Apply morning and/or evening on a cleansed skin.