Cleansing Milk - Eau Lactée cosmetic

Cleansing Milk

Makeup Removal Cleansing Exfoliating - Eau Lactée

Cleansing Milk - Eau Lactée cosmetic

Eau Lactée

Cleansing Milk

You’ll be captivated by the original texture of « Eau Lactée », which is between a lotion and a cream. This highly precise makeup remover deep cleans your skin to rid of toxins and impurities. It refreshes, cleans and removes makeup without having to rinse your face.

Bottle-Pump 100ml/3.4 fl.oz

Main components

Damascena Rose Water
Tones – Soothes - Moisturize - Stimulates cell regeneration

Damascena Rose Oil
Healing and Revitalizing action, Prevents the appearance of signs of aging

Vitamin E
Accelerates the dissolution of fat, Antioxydant


Beauty tips and frequency of use

Use Cleansing Milk « Eau Lactée » daily as a make-up remover for face, eyes and neck.
Reproduce the action a second time if necessary.