Our Story

Created in 2010, Valcena is a French brand that offers natural cosmetics formulated with Rose Damascena. Featured in Beauty Institutes and Spas, it has established itself as a trusted partner of industry professionals by offering unique application methods for its treatments that showcase professional expertise.

• Natural ingredients and an authentic active ingredient derived from Rose Damascena
• Products that address specific needs with their properties, textures and application methods
• Continuous innovation carried out through a research program devoted to the Rose: the Rosa Dermo Therapy Scientific Program©
• Partner Spas and Beauty Institutes throughout France (learn more)
• International partners located all over Europe, as well as in Japan, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Turkey.

Code of Ethics and Product Charter

As a guarantee of quality, Valcena provides its users with professionalism and safety in the form of a shared charter for all of its products:

Natural-origin ingredients

100% vegan products

Active formulations boosted by Absolute Rose Oil